Problem-Solution Academic Essay

The following interactive image provides more information about the course context, assignment brief and assessment criteria. Click on the black-and-white hotspots within each image to find out more.

As mentioned in the How-to tab, it is important to know this background information so that you can make a better use of the tutor’s commentary on a sample essay.

Having explored all the supporting information above, you’re ready  to read a sample assignment entitled ‘Online academic offences at university’.


To help you understand the topic, brainstorm various academic offences the assignment may be referring to. What do you think the causes of students committing such offences are? How can they be addressed? 


How has the student developed the idea of online academic offences? Were their ideas similar to yours?


How effective do you think the assignment is as a response to the essay question outlined in the ‘Assignment brief’ section of the image above?

Listen to the tutor’s commentary on the whole assignment and then move on to the more detailed analysis tasks and commentaries.

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